Rule no 2


Feliz año 2023!!

A very happy new year 2023 to all the dancers, musicians, DJs and friends who brought La Revolucion - Milonga to life! It was a great pleasure to make all this happen with so many great people the last 7 years.

Thank you sharing your art, your time and energy, and maybe the best is still in the future to happen... Also a special 'thank you' to Hugo Pendziuch, Alexander Müller & Markus Felder who helped me realizing this website, the new virtual home of La Revolucion that hopefully will be filled with even more life, love & liberty in the years to come.

Let me quote something about sailing that reminds me of organizing events...

The planning stage of a cruise is often just as enjoyable as the voyage itself, letting one's imagination loose on all kinds of possibilities. Yet translating dreams into reality means a lot of practical questions have to be answered. (Jimmy Cornell)

Looking forward to see you soon on the dancefloor or at the next revolutionary events, and if you might experience a kind of pause of La Revolucion Milongas, it's probably because we are are planning/dreaming and/or dealing with all kind of practical questions.

But then, AHOI!!

y que sigue la milonga!!!