Association 1

General declaration

We revolutionaries highly value the local, national and international community of tangueras and tangueros. We are passionate about evolution, cooperation and groovy parties. We believe in the power of experimentation, improvisation and art, all the aspects that we find in the dance and the music of the Argentinian Tango. We worship diversity, freedom and passion, and we consider the embrace of Argentinian Tango as an authentic element to promote social cohesion. To ensure that the embrace feels equally good for both dancers and that the playful interaction enriches, we wish to foster a deeper understanding and study of Tango Argentino.

Other principles we stand for are low friction, fun revolution & a bit of glitter.

Association 2







  • Promotion of Tango Argentino
  • promotion of social encounters, and
  • promotion of art & science for more well-being


There are top active members and active members. Top active members can make themselves responsible for following tasks/roles: moderation/leadership, keeping of the minutes, treasurer, revisor. The roles and tasks of the top active members are assigned in anual, open elections in the general assembly. The admission and exclusion of a top active member is decided by consent. Every top active member can leave the association by giving an informal, written notice.

Association 2

Decision processes

The organization of the association is based on sociocratic criterias. (Book: Soziokratie. Das Ende der Streitgesellschaft von B. Strauch und A. Reijmer. 2016). The top active members can decide in consent also about the statutes of the association. A decision by consent means that no serious and comprehensible argument against the proposal was comunicated by a top active member and everybody gave her or his consent. Before a decision is taken various rounds for information exchange and opinion building are fostered. Such agreements can be realized in monthly or every second month meetings (online or analog) of the top active members or in a informal, written manner initiated by the moderator of the association or a top active member.

Association 3

Active Members

Everyone who participates in milongas and other events of the association LA REVOLUCION, everyone who supports the association by any other means (helping, donating, promoting, participating in meetings) is an active member. There will be no records of the membership. The membership starts and ends with the respective activity. Every active member has the right of suggesting projects with or without a need of budget, which are conform with the purpose of the association and which are rated as a chance that should be taken. The suggestion will then be prepared by a top active member for discussion and decision.

Associaition 4


Out of daily memberships in milongas of the association LA REVOLUCION less costs; donations; net earnings out of creative projects under the patronage of the association LA REVOLUCION

General meeting of members

Once a year in the general meeting of all members the anual balance sheet will be announced and the ledger will be disclosed. The roles/tasks will be desencumbered and handed over for the next year. The objectives of the coming year will be discussed.


Information and contact at the website and the facebook group larevolucionch. Email:

Associaition 5

Liquidation of the association

The association can be dispersed in a common resolution of all top active members. The released capital of the association will accrue then to the Hogar Sueño de Amor, Billinghurst 456, 1849 Clazpole, BsAs, Argentina. The intelectual rights like name, logo and website remain with Katja Bohner.

General remarks

The activities of the association are in line with the declaration and the purpose of the association LA REVOLUCION. The association is politically independent and non-religious. Neither the association nor the top active members assume liability for incidents that could result from the participation in the events of the association LA REVOLUCION. The top active members are not liable with their own assets towards claims from third parties that might result from the association activities.