Name                LA REVOLUCION


Place                 Zürich



·         Promotion of Tango Argentino,

·       promotion of social encounters and

·       promotion of Art & Science for more well-being



Contribution from daily memberships in milongas of the association LA REVOLUCION less costs; donations; net earnings

from creative projects under the patronage of the association LA REVOLUCION


 Founding members

 Katja Bohner, Creative Director (CD I)

 Karin Schneider, Creative Director (CD II)



The board members decide consensually on changes in the articles of the association. Votes can be done informally in written format. A personal meeting of both founding members can be considered as a general meeting.


Active members

Everyone who participates in milongas and other events of the association LA REVOLUCION, everyone who supports the association by any other means (helping, donating, promoting, participating in meetings) is an active member. There will be no records on the memberships. The membership starts and ends with the respective activity.


General meeting of members

All participants of a milonga have an informal right of suggesting projects with a need of budget, which are conform with the purposes of the association and which are rated as a chance that should be taken by the two founding members. If coordination is needed due to these suggestions or a delineation of a project of the two founding members, it will be published in short form via the usual communication channels for the announcement of a milonga and at the website of the association. The coordination will take place before another milonga. Coordination will be organized and executed according to sociocratic criteria.



Information and contact at website,, and fb group larevolucionch



Once a year at the general meeting of members, the annual accounts will be announced and the ledger will be disclosed.    


Liquidation of the association

The association can be dissolved by a common resolution of the two founding members or the CD I. The released capital of the association will accrue then to the Hogar Sueño de Amor, Billinghurst 456, 1849 Claypole, BsAs, Argentina. The intelectual rights like name, logo and website remain with the CD I.


General remarks

The association is politically independent and non-religious.

Neither the association nor the board members assume liability for incidents that could result from the participation in the events of the association LA REVOLUCION. The board members are not liable with their own assets towards claims from third parties that might result from the association activities.


Zürich, 2nd of September 2017


Inaugural meeting


Katja Bohner, CD I

Karin Schneider, CD II