This milonga we would like to give the floor to talented couples around to show their tango to the public. The audience will give their love to their favorite one by voting. The winning couple will carry home a special cup and 200 CHF :D
Get your finest clothes out of your cupboard and move into the middle!!! 

At the bar of the night, classy Rodrigo Palacios with EL CHiFleTTe. A well known tango dancer from Buenos Aires who manages to mix the spirit of the best tangos into his special cocktails, called RoDrinks :*

And at the music control center we will have ALIA Ramadan!!!

Entrance 15 CHF, free tap water

Details for the dancers: 
The leaders will get a number/sign on their back. All the couples will dance together one tango and probably one milonga. Than there will be a break, we collect and count the votes and the winner will be hailed (something like this).
If you have any questions, please write to

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                                                                                                                                                                                                Come and perfectionize your turns with a top Maestro: RODRIGO PALACIOS!! 


Maestro and dancer of Tango Argentino, born in Buenos Aires, surrounded by a super tangier family, where he aspirated the dance and the music of tango since early on, dancing since his childhood. With 20 years of dancing and teaching he comes to share his knowledge to the enthusiastic tango community of Zürich!! 

He is coming to give us a class full of tools, references - technique and musicality, and the undeniable taste of this popular dance that moves us so much.


Topic of the class: giros con sacadas


It is a class for all and he will fragment the giro in its various parts what will help the students understand clearly every position, the movements of the body to form individual steps, the dynamic integration, the relationship between the two bodies of the couple, and connecting this to their unique musicality. 


The class will be split in 3 parts: 

- individual work on technique

- work on technique within the couple

- practicing on music


No doubts, you will learn a lot!


Contribution: 35 CHF

Drop-in class! no registration necessary :)


Rodrigo will stay in Zürich giving classes the 23 and 24 of august, and from 31 august till 4th of september!!

If you would like to book a private class, 

please contact Leo Flumini +41 79 779 90 49